Fashion influencer Jessica Hunter (creator of Chic & Disheveled) is known for her boho vibes and athleisure pairings. She’s also known for mixing both style and sustainability. This week – we discuss the story behind her blog, as well as why sustainability is important to her.

Your tagline “Where Sustainability and Style Collide” is inspiring! What does sustainable living look like to you and how do you blend personal style in? 

Thank you so much! It came to me one night when I was having girl time with my sister. We were talking about the ‘why’ behind my blog and I was telling her about how I wanted to bring more of a ‘soul’ to fashion. Instead of just selling stuff to my community I want to help empower them to learn more about sustainability and infuse it into their lives where they can. Slow mo is better than no mo.

I remember 5 or so years ago and the first time I walked into a Goodwill in Arizona to try the whole ‘thrifting thing’ and thought how the hell am I supposed to find something in here?! Things like upcycling and veganism or cruelty free fashion and fair trade fashion can seem really intimidating to people who don’t know much about it because it sounds like they are going to have to give so much up.

So I am sharing my journey as I learn to incorporate sustainability into my life. I started small by doing things like using reusable grocery bags, replacing my beauty products when they run out with cruelty free brands and following/working with clothing brands that have eco-friendly and sustainable initiatives like yours!

How would you describe your personal style? 

Comfort + Confidence are the two major factors in my style. It doesn’t matter how trendy or ‘IN’ something is, if I feel like an asshole wearing it, it will never make it to my closet. Comfortable doesn’t just mean leggings either – (but I am a BIG fan of the athleisure trend). To me, comfort goes way beyond how comfy something feels. It also has to do with mental comfort, you have to feel your best regardless of what’s trending or what a Personal Stylist tries to sell you.

Style is such a personal thing for me, and it comes from so many different channels that it’s hard to pinpoint just one. It is totally irrational and feeling based. I know it when I see it because of how it makes me feel. I still create actual lookbooks with fashion magazines which is a time-honored tradition from girl’s night with my mom and sister.

Instagram and Pinterest are also great sources of inspiration because I am such a visual creature that seeing cool pictures often lead to ah-ha moments about what I wear and how I style it. 

What is one tip you would give someone who isn’t sure how to start shopping sustainably?

I kind of touched on this earlier, but my first suggestion would be to look at your own style and see what kinds of clothing and beauty/household brands you like. Then search for sustainable versions of your go-to items on Instagram that you resonate with and are also eco-friendly. For example, next time you need a new LBD or statement T, search for brands that make it sustainably and buy that one instead. You might pay a little more but more often than not I have found sustainable brands last longer!

The biggest thing to avoid is feeling overwhelmed. Instead of tossing everything in your beauty cabinet and closet, make conscious choices going forward in the way you shop.

Another great way to get in a sustainable mindest is to try thrifting! If you haven’t been before, check out some tips here.

Thrifting helps keep massive amounts of clothing from getting dumped in landfills and I have personally found that it really helps open your mind when it comes to style. No joke, after discovering Goodwill I went almost a solid year buying only second hand threads. I am totally kicking myself for not having started my blog back then to document it all! One time I found a Celine belt for $3.00! 

Other than blog, what do you like to do in your spare time? 

Spare time?! LOL, I kid, I kid. My blog is my full time job and its one of those things where I love it so much it kind of bleeds into a lot of areas of my life. From filming my workouts at the gym and creating travel diaries to capturing #foodporn pics when I make dinner or eat out.

I am really trying to break the habit of having no-life (LOL), and can thank my fiancée for that! I met John 7 months ago, right after re-locating to Utah and he is teaching me how to live a little so we have been taking actual vacations (no laptop allowed), going bowling, to concerts and movies. Thanks babe! J

Where do you see yourself in five years?  

Happily married with a little rugrat or two, as many dogs as we can house, a passport full of stamps and working towards becoming one of the most trusted sources for stylish and sustainable ways to live and dress out there…coffee in hand of course!

Is there a story behind the name “Chic & Disheveled”? 

Absolutely! My parents are the inspiration behind Chic & Disheveled! Growing up, my mom was a corporate powerhouse and would dress in absolute immaculate Armani suits, TSE cashmere and David Yurman cuffs. She had her finger on the pulse of timeless fashion since before I can remember. She is my Chic.

My dad on the other hand, had his own way of dressing that was equally as stylish, yet could not be more opposite. Ripped up 501’s, Chuck Taylor’s that he had sharpied drawings onto and a ornate hat and sunglass collection that would rival any collector. He is my Disheveled.

Together they taught me the value of High-Low fashion, taking risks and that confidence is key when it comes to style.

And just for fun, what are three things most people don’t know about you?  

Before blogging, I was a Branch Manager for CitiFinancial then decided you only have one life and decided to completely change careers and pursue my love of fashion.

I got my start in fashion working as a volunteer at New York Fashion week literally picking up trash after the shows (the amount of unfinished water bottles stemmed a letter to the Coca-Cola company to see if we could put recycling bins in the shows).

I also LOVE to box. I trained for nearly 2 years with a professional boxer in San Diego and still love to glove up for a solid sweat session!

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